Dental Braces – What Are the Signs That You Need Them?

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‘Do I need dental braces?’ – is a common question that pops in our heads if we notice misaligned or crooked teeth. The basic purpose of braces is very clear. Braces are used by people throughout the world to straighten their teeth. However, dental braces function in other ways as well. They are used to align the upper and lower jaws and to improve the facial structure to lessen the pressure on jawbone.

Dental braces work best on children and young adults since that is the age that we grow the most therefore facilitating the dental braces process. The ideal results of dental braces on adults are seemingly low. Braces help by molding the jawbone to the new structure of the teeth, hence becoming a permanent fix. Adults whose teeth don’t respond to braces may have to undergo surgical procedures to fix misaligned teeth.

This is why dentists recommend dental braces as soon as you notice misalignments in your smile. The signs that you or your child needed braces are:

1. Loss of Baby Teeth Early

If your child is losing their baby teeth relatively earlier in life or their adult teeth are taking time to come in, this may be a sign of improper growth. You must get these irregularities checked by the dentist as they may have an impact on the growth and development of their teeth.

2. Crooked or Crowded Teeth

Do you feel conscious to smile openly because you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Did you notice crookedness in your baby’s teeth? Or have you heard your dentist say that your teeth are crowded? This means the teeth are impacted and there isn’t enough space in your mouth. You may need to consider going to a braces dentist near you.

3. Jaw Sounds or Shifts

If you feel uneasiness in your or your child’s jaw such as looseness or you hear jaw sounds while eating or speaking, you might need to consult a dentist for braces. This is a sign of a development issue in the jaw and teeth. Dental braces and retainers are used to fix the jawbone into the right position and improve the growth of your teeth.

4. Problems When Biting

Misalignment of your teeth can cause a lot of issues when you bite. You will be either constantly hit the side of your cheek or the roof of your mouth. These issues are called an under bite or an overbite. They are caused by misaligned teeth in the mouth and can be very painful and stressful on the jawbone and gums. It causes inconvenience and difficulty when chewing food so when you experience this find a braces dentist near you. Dental braces can fix this problem.

Orthodontic treatments often help more than just the aesthetic and physical appearance of your bite. One improvement can turn around your self-esteem and a person’s overall self-image. Straight teeth can help with cleaning and reduce potential health problems associated with the teeth and jawline, so in the end it also improves your oral health.

Improved Appearance

If you have utilized braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you are more likely to be more proud of your smile. By improving your appearance, patients notice more confidence in themselves which can help in their everyday lives. This is important for children and young adults because it helps encourages them to try new things and gain additional confidence to succeed. It is commonly known that people often judge others based on first impressions so having a beautiful smile can help.

Improved Oral Health

Having straighter teeth can make daily brushing and flossing two daily routines of oral health easier. By making it easier to brush and floss you can protect your teeth from conditions such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque build-up. According to the American Dental Association the following conditions occur less if you have utilized proper orthodontic treatment.

  • Tooth cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Worn tooth enamel

Improved Nutrition

By having straighter teeth you can increase the ability to chew properly which can reduce the risk of getting sharp food stuck in your teeth. Having straighter teeth will make eating  solid and nutritious foods such as fruit, meat, and vegetables easier.

Dental braces are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults as well. If you need consultation from a braces dentist near you in Nevada, contact Summerlin, NV for the best services.

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